Simulated Phishing Campaign

Simulated Phishing Campaign

We help protect companies from phishing attacks, the most common cyber threat to a business. A huge 91% of cybercrime starts with a phishing email, which can cost thousands in damages. Phishing emails work by stealing your details to access your company and customer data or infect your machines. However, they can be easy to spot if your staff know what to look for which makes them your best defence against cybercriminals.

Simulated Phishing CampaignSimulated Phishing Campaign

What is a Phishing Attack

Phishing is a type of cybercrime which attacks its targets via email.
A Phishing email is a spoof, created to resemble a genuine email from a reputable source. These spoof emails include malicious links, which trick individuals into providing access to sensitive data. Phishing emails have been known to mimic huge companies such as Paypal, HMRC, Netflix and Amazon as well as smaller businesses and even individuals.

The end goal for the cybercriminal is to access information which can result in financial loss, reputational damage or identity theft.

How can we help

Labsec will simulate a phishing email attack using advanced software and techniques to test your systems and staff. The simulated emails are built on realistic templates and are sent out over several months for optimum results.

We combine simulated emails with user awareness training and monthly reporting. The result of this is to dramatically increase staff awareness and in turn, reduce the risk to the business from the threat of phishing emails.

We offer one-off campaigns over a duration of three months or an ongoing longer-term relationship for a minimum of 12 months.

Phase 1


Initial testing to understand current state of play

Phase 2


Staff training including quizzes and follow ups

Phase 3


Ongoing testing to monitor staff awareness

Phase 4


Report on opens, clicks, submitted data and trends

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